Retaining Wall Construction Calgary AB

Retaining Wall Construction Calgary, Alberta.

Retaining Walls For Sloped Calgary Properties
We specialize in retaining wall construction.

If you have a mild to steep slope to your property then a retaining wall or combination of retaining walls may allow you to reclaim some of that sloped space.  Retaining walls are a great way to enhance both the look and function of your landscaping.  Maybe you need more flat parking space for a boat or RV?  Maybe you’d like to carve out a slope in your backyard so you can have a backyard patio?

Essential Property Maintenance is a full service landscaping contractor serving Calgary, Alberta.  We specialize in the design and construction of retaining walls using a variety of different materials including allan block, boulders and rocks, and concrete for both residential and commercial property owners.

From a 80′ foot long stacked block retaining wall to line your driveway or separate a property line to large retaining walls on your terraced or sloping property designed to hold back large amounts of earth.  The team at Essential Property Maintenance will be able to provide retaining wall solutions that will benefit your specific property.

Retaining Wall Construction Calgary AB

  • Allan Block Retaining Walls
  • Driveway Retaining Walls
  • Rock and Boulder Retaining Walls

What Does The City of Calgary Say About Retaining Walls?

There is always confusion among property owners about what the requirements are for retaining wall construction and if a building permit is required or not.  The City of Calgary provides a pretty good outline on their website.

Here’s what they say…

A development permit for a retaining wall is required when:

  • A minimum horizontal separation of 1.0 m between retaining walls on the same property.
  • When a retaining wall retains more than 1.0 m or more of soil.

So.  If you’re retaining wall is more than 1.0 meter in height.  It will require a building permit.  Depending on the amount of soil it’s holding back and any additional surcharges (weight on top of the wall such as a Boat or RV parking pad) the wall might also have to be signed off by an engineer.

Retaining Walls and Proper Drainage

While retaining walls are designed and built to hold back earth and fill they will also hold back and channel water.  The water that builds up behind a retaining wall is referred to as “hydrostatic pressure” and the external force of the material/fill held behind your wall coupled with the weight of the water is often enough to seriously compromise the integrity of your wall and even cause failure and collapse.

A good drainage system should be an integral part of any retaining wall design.  Depending on the type of material being used to build the wall there are a variety of ways to integrate sufficient drainage such as weep holes, lateral drains, blanket drains and also the use of very granular soil or fill.

Don’t underestimate the external forces that are being applied to your retaining wall as there are many retaining walls throughout our area that have failed due to poorly thought out or non-existent drainage.  Don’t let your contractor make this mistake!

Why Choose Essential Property Maintenance For Retaining Wall Construction in Calgary, AB?

Essential Property Maintenance LogoWhen you choose Essential Property Maintenance to build a retaining wall on your property you are partnering with a local small business and a team of professionals that care about the appearance of your property just as much as you do.

You can count on us to deliver the services we promise, when we say we will and for a price that is competitive and fair.  We’ll do our work professionally, efficiently, and with unbeatable customer service.  You’re in good hands with us!

If you’d like to receive an estimate from Essential Property Maintenance for retaining wall services please give us a call (403) 830-3872 or fill out our contact form and we’ll get right back to you to schedule a convenient time for your consultation.